High Wear Alumina Ceramic Bit Tool

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Aluminum oxide (AL2O3) ceramic is an industrial ceramic known for its exceptional hardness and durability. Shaping can only be done using diamond grinding methods. The production process involves utilizing bauxite through several stages including injection moulding, pressing, sintering, grinding, final sintering and mechanical processing.

Indusrty ceramics bit tool are with high mechanical property、high hardness、long wearing、 large insulation resistance、good corrosion preventive 、high temperature resistant.

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Alumina ceramic bit tool are widely used in various fields due to their superior properties.

Firstly, alumina ceramic bit tool can easily cut various hard materials such as glass, ceramics, and cement due to their high hardness and wear resistance. In addition, they can be used for high-speed cutting and processing, as well as in harsh environments due to their excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance.

Secondly, alumina ceramic bit tool are also widely used in various fields such as electronics, chemicals, and manufacturing. This is because alumina ceramic bit tool have good anti-wear and good corrosion resistance, can effectively cut various electronic components and circuits, and are also very suitable for cutting chemical raw materials.

In addition, alumina ceramic bit tool can be used to manufacture various industrial tools like grinding wheels, ball valves, etc. These products can still maintain excellent performance in harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and corrosion.

Finally, alumina ceramic bit tool can also be used in the medical field, such as manufacturing artificial bones, joints, etc. These products require a high degree of biocompatibility and long-term stability, which alumina ceramic knives can meet.

Overall, alumina ceramic bit tool have a wide range of applications and can meet the needs of different fields.


Quantity requirement: 1pc to 1 million pcs. There is no MQQ limited.

Sample lead time: tooling making is 15days+ sample making 15days.

Production lead time: 15 to 45days.

Payment term: negotiated by both parties.

Production process:

Alumina(AL2O3) ceramic is an industrial ceramic which has high hardness, long wearing, and can only be formed by diamond grinding. It is manufactured from bauxite and  completed by injection molding, pressing, sintering, grinding, sintering and machining process.

Physical & Chemical Data

Alumina Ceramic(AL2O3) Character  Referance Sheet
Decription unit Grade A95% Grade A97% Grade A99% Grade A99.7%
Density g/cm3 3.6 3.72 3.85 3.85
Flexural Mpa 290 300 350 350
Compressive strength Mpa 3300 3400 3600 3600
Modulus of elasticity Gpa 340 350 380 380
Impact resistance Mpm1/2 3.9 4 5 5
Weibull modulus M 10 10 11 11
Vickers hardulus Hv0.5 1800 1850 1900 1900
Thermal Expansion coefficient 10-6k-1 5.0-8.3 5.0-8.3 5.4-8.3 5.4-8.3
Thermal conductivity W/Mk 23 24 27 27
Thermal shock Resistance △T℃ 250 250 270 270
Max use temperature 1600 1600 1650 1650
Volume resistivity at 20℃ Ω ≥1014 ≥1014 ≥1014 ≥1014
Dielectric strength KV/mm 20 20 25 25
Dielectric constant εr 10 10 10 10


We usually use material such as moisture-proof, shock-proof for the products that will be not damaged. We use PP bag and carton wooden pallets according to customer's requirement. Suitable for sea and air transportation.

Nylon bag
wooden tray

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