Steel Mould

Steel Mould01

Metal mold of ceramic parts development refers to the processing of metal materials into the required mold shape. The process of mold development includes design, manufacturing and testing. First of all, detailed design is required before mold development. The designer determines the shape, size, material and processing technology of the mold according to the product requirements and drawings provided by the customer.

Rawing Material Prepare


Select qualified supplier and material, use effective packing ro prevent from material affectedby moisture or air pollution.

Injection and Moulding


Injection moulding process is put alumina power slurry or zirconia power slurry into metal mold by machine. The ceramic parts will be formed after removing from metal tooling.


Steel Mould06

Grinding is for removing burr and park line.


Steel Mould03

Alumina ceramics parts and zirconia ceramics parts  sintering process require accurate control of temperature, pressure and other parameter.



Checking appearnce and mechanical property before packing.



The packaging of alumina ceramics and  zirconia ceramic parts usually use material such as moisture-pfoof, shock-proof  for the products that will be not damaged. We use PP bag and carton  wooden pallets according to customer's requirement. Suitable for sea and air transportation.