Difference Between Zirconia Ceramics And Household Ceramics

The bowls、cup and dish at home are made of porcelain, There is no doubt that porcelain and metal materials have no connection. we called Household Ceramics. However, zirconia ceramics and metal materials have a certain relationship.

Our daily life uses electricity everywhere. We need a power circuit to push electricity. If there is no power circuit, electricity is not easy to send to our homes or areas that require electricity. Therefore, the power circuit is very important for everyone. The power circuit is also very dangerous for everyone, so what is the best material will be used as a circuit?

Since zirconia ceramics have high flame retardancy, strong strength, toughness, not easily destroyed, and non-conductive, zirconia ceramics are used to make power circuits. Because of a good physical properties has always been a hot spot in ceramic research.

Post time: Aug-31-2023